Thank You For Your Support

Please continue your  support in 2015, to help our local children beat childhood obesity and give them the tools to live a healthier lifestyle for years to come.

With your support in 2014 we were able to accomplish the following milestones:

  •  We held 3, 7 Day Fitness Academy Boot Camps for 2014.

    We were able to successfully achieve a numerous amount of things:

  •  In 2015 thus far, We had 200 local children attend the 7 Day Fitness Academy , not including our local outreach program. We also shared healthier lifestyle choices with over 150 families of these children.

  • We currently have an up and running teenage Basket Ball team

  • We were able to create jobs within the community, through the Texas Workforce Center.

  • We are starting up a ballet class for the young ladies targeting ages 10 to 18yrs. old

  • We were able to continue to provide a snack program to 300 kids a week. Combined with local children within the community and several organizations.

  • We were able to provide fruits and vegetables to at least 150 families in addition to 3 church organizations.

  • We currently have 2 operating vans, to pick up kids from various locations with in our metropolitan areas.

  •  We had over 20 volunteers help support 7 Day Fitness Academy.

  • We’ve also have partnered up with The Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine. A joint affiliation of UT Southwestern Medical Center and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas.

Looking ahead to 2015 it is critical that we continue what we have started in our community to help every child have the tools to succeed in life by making healthier lifestyle choices that will afford them every opportunity for success in their lives. With your continued support in donations we are looking to accomplish the following goals with 7 Day Fitness:

  •  We want to have 500 local children attend one of our twelve 7 Day Fitness Academy Boot Camps.

  •  We are looking to continue partnerships with several other local community groups including;

    Boy Scouts of America, Salvation Army, disabled students at Achievement Center of Texas and Special Education, Kids -R-Us, 4 A.S.A.Progam, and Kids Kingdom.

    We want to expand our services to all individuals and families who could use our services.

  •  7 Day Fitness Academy’s goal is to reach an additional 10% participation annually.

  •  It cost approximately $3,000.00 to conduct 1 weekly boot camp, that’s $75.00 per youth that attends. We plan to reach 500 youth and need your support.

We have listened to our donors and volunteers and have created a relationship with PayPal that is secure and safe & will allow you to easily make a single or repetitive donation with a couple of clicks of your mouse at the link provided below. With your continued support I know we can accomplish even more in 2015 and beyond.

With my Sincerest Thanks for your support, I wish you and yours an ENJOYABLE SUMMER  :)


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